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Despite the fact that the technology industry is growing exponentially, with at least 150 million net new jobs expected to be created in the next five years, systemic barriers to these career opportunities have resulted in minimal representation from diverse and historically underserved talent. We need a new model to reskill and upskill talent that prioritizes equitable access to life-changing careers.


of the global technology workforce is represented by talent displaced and impacted by conflict and crisis


of all tech jobs are held by women.


of all tech jobs are held by underrepresented minorities.


People are currently displaced in the Middle East and North Africa due to conflict and economic uncertainty.

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Our impact so far

Re:Coded currently works across seven countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Türkiye. By providing access to market driven training, our goal is to empower a new generation of diverse talent to create sustainable careers in the digital economy.

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Displaced talent

Annual reports

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Talent is everywhere - opportunity is not

Given the right opportunities, talents everywhere are ready to flourish and create economic growth for themselves, their community, and their countries.

Employment is at the core of our mission and we empower people from underserved communities to build sustainable careers in the digital economy.

  • We support gender equality in tech and aim for 50% women in all our programs
  • We prioritize talent who are un- or underemployed
  • We are driven by impact and committed to providing systemically underserved populations with opportunities to join and thrive in the digital economy

Our partners

Re:Coded works with and receives funding from amazing partners across government, philanthropy, business, and technology.

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Blossom Hill
Western Union Foundation
Qatar Fund
QAF Media Lab
Flatiron School
Techstars Foundation
Catalyst Foundation
Altai Consulting

Let’s build a more diverse digital economy

Together, we have an opportunity to support underserved talent to reskill and access equitable career pathways in technology. As a partner, you can provide life-changing educational opportunities while benefitting from Re:Coded’s talent ecosystem and brand exposure opportunities.

Impact funding

Support underserved talent get access to market driven skills training and life-changing career opportunities by supporting our programs.

Hire diverse talent

Access highly skilled and diverse talent for your organization and increase your competitive advantage with greater ROI.

Become a mentor

Be the career guide for underserved talent to find meaningful work in the tech industry by joining our remote mentorship program.

What our partners are saying

Lauren Bell

Executive Director at the Western Union Foundation

"We are proud to support Re:Coded’s programs that empower disadvantaged and displaced youth with the digital skill building needed to enter the technology field. Re:Coded’s impactful programs closely align with our mission to be a catalyst for economic opportunity for people who migrate in pursuit of a more prosperous future."


Zoom EdInnovation Award

Re:Coded is "helping improve student, teacher, and community outcomes for the most underserved and will receive Zoom technology, volunteer support, and funding to help them scale." “They turned an unprecedented challenge into an opportunity, scaling their reach and deepening their impact via video communications." Roxana Shirkhoda, Head of Social Impact at Zoom.

Jemma Read

Bloomberg Global Head of Corporate Philanthropy

"We're delighted to harness the skills of Bloomberg's engineers and other employees to equip a diverse group of young people from across the Middle East with the knowledge they need to build sustainable careers."

Re:Coded Impact Blog

Gain insights into our work and impact as we strive to advance economic mobility for systematically underserved talent

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