How good are your programs - how much will I learn?

For our bootcamps, we teach market-driven web development and ux/ui design courses based on curriculum from our partner Flatiron School in New York, voted the leading coding school in the world in 2021. That means you get a world-class education where you will learn the skills and mindset to start building a new career in the tech industry.

I don’t know anything about coding or design - can I still join your programs?

Absolutely! No prior coding or design skills are required to start your application for our bootcamps, but you will need to pass a technical test to progress in the admissions process. We will provide sufficient self-study material for you to succeed. However, our selection process is very competitive, and it does require a lot of grit and motivation to go through our programs.

Will you help me find a job?

As a part of our programs you will get 6 months of careers support with 1:1 sessions, global mentorship, feedback on your cv and live sessions to help you master your job search. We don’t actively do job placements, but our students have had great value of our career service program and we have more than 85% employment rate for our bootcamp graduates.

What’s the difference between bootcamps and courses?

Out online bootcamps are full-time study programs over 17-20 weeks with 10 hours of live online classes with our trainers and your cohort  and 15-25 hours of self-study. These are the courses that are designed for you get learn enough to get your first job.

Our self-paced short courses can be completed over 20 hours in 3 weeks. You will still join a class, but there are no live training sessions and you will be learning on your own. We will be inviting you to live sessions, but these aren’t obligatory. These courses are designed to help you build or further develop your soft, career, and foundational technical skills.

Do I get a diploma/certificate at the end of a program?

Yes, for all our programs you get a certificate of completion once you complete the course. You will receive this in PDF format and also instructions on how to embed your certificate into your LinkedIn profile.

I can’t see any programs in my country - what do I do?

The programs we offer are dependent on our donors and the countries we operate in and so far, we have run programs in Iraq, Turkey, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Algeria, and we hope to expand even further with even more programs.

If you want to make sure not to miss out when a program opens in your country, you can sign up here to get notified whenever we open a program of your interest in your country.

What happens after I have submitted an application?

Once you have submitted the application form, you will receive an email acknowledging we have received your application. Once the application deadline is due, we will begin the selection process and send you an email of your status.

What is the Open Study Hub and is it free?

The Open Study Hub is our open place of content to help you join and thrive in the digital economy. It’s meant to be your source of inspiration and knowledge on how to build a career in the tech industry with content that is relevant and that offers you insight and advice you can act on immediately. Go check it out right here.

Are all your courses really FREE?

Yes! We believe that anyone, anywhere should have the opportunity to thrive in the digital economy and our mission is to actively empower youth from underserved communities to build sustainable careers in technology. That means all programs at Re:Coded are kindly supported by our donors and free to our students. In the application form, you will see who is supporting your specific course.

What is Re:Coded?

Re:Coded is a non-profit edtech empowering the next generation of tech leaders in MENA and Turkey by providing youth between 18-34 with the skills and mindset to thrive in the digital economy as developers or ux/ui designers. Learn more about our mission, how it all started, and who we are right here.

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