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Explore remote-friendly, flexible opportunities and join our mission to change the future of education and employment for underserved talent.

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Re:Coded is on a mission to advance economic mobility for underserved talent

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Every day, we refine, iterate and explore how to make the world better for everyone. Join us in creating a better future of work that’s more connected, inclusive and flexible.

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We embrace flexibility so you can do your best work remotely

We have a distributed team across several countries. We're committed to a culture where people have the space and trust to focus on deep work, wherever they may be.


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More to come

These are the countries we're currently able to hire from. We’re actively working to expand this and hope to be able to hire in more countries soon.

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We embrace conscious leadership

Care Deeply is a founding core value at Re:Coded. We actively build safe spaces where people can grow, reflect, and discover their best selves.

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We encourage wins and learn from fails

Our team consists of endlessly curious learners. And we know that you cannot learn without sometimes failing. We experiment, improve, and track our progress.

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Diverse team performs better

We know that teams perform best when they are diverse, and every team member feels that they belong.

Values we embrace

Our core values define what we stand for and how we pursue our vision and mission. We live these values at Re:Coded and they shape our culture, what we do, how we meet each other, our community and the challenges we face.

Care deeply

Everyone has unlocked potential and a story to share and we are all committed to creating a welcoming space for everyone we encounter. We learn through caring.


We rely on the trust from our community and the foundation of that is built on accountability, transparency, and openness as we aim to hold ourselves up to high ethical standards.


Our impact is built on team effort and great partnerships. The diversity in our team comes to life in our everyday discussions and we know we can rely on our community of mentors, supporters, and partners to achieve great things together.


We strive to be at the top of our game in everything we do. We want to define the modern digital non-profit and we live and breathe continuous learning and improvement.


How we come together is how we change the world.

Explore how Re:Coded is working with diversity and inclusion in our team and in our work.

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How we support you at Re:Coded


Our compensation is rooted in the values of being market-driven, proactive, transparent, and is calculated using a formula that is composed of multiple data points. It is reviewed annually.

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Flexible paid time off

We offer a total of 33 days of paid leave per year whenever you want to recharge. Respecting the diversity of our teams, we do not recognize any specific public holidays.

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Paid parental leave

We offer 12 weeks of paid leave to all parents welcoming a new family member into the world. We know it's a big job to raise a mini-me, and we are here to support you in that adventure.

Paid Leave
Learning budget

Each year we provide a $500 learning and development budget for you to go out and learn how you learn best. You decide!

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We are remote-first and believe you can do your best work wherever you are as we balance autonomy and collaboration.

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Health insurance

We provide primary health insurance to all team members either through our group plans or through a reimbursement schedule.

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Paid sick leave

We know that life can sometimes catch us by surprise with a cold, so apart from holidays, we also provide 14 days of paid sick leave for physical or mental health.

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Work from home budget

We want to help our team set up their offices, buy a new desk chair or upgrade their internet, so each year, we offer a $500 stipend to set themselves up in a way that works best for them.

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What's it like working at Re:Coded?

We strive to be an organization that supports your ambitious goals and personal well-being.
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We are driven by our  mission and our values. We express our individuality and celebrate our wins. We’re an open, diverse and global team.
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We have a genuine culture of feedback and improvement, and we learn from each other’s diverse perspectives, skills and experiences.
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Application and hiring process

Learn how we hire awesome people like you below through our collaborative hiring process

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In this initial stage, we review each application one by one to uncover candidates with great potential.

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First Interview

We then select candidates with great potential and invite them to an initial conversation with People Ops in partnership with a potential team member. The goal of this initial conversation is to get to know each candidate's motivations, values, and experience. We will also dig into our company culture and benefits.

First interview
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Test project

We then select candidates to participate in a relevant take-home test project that allows candidates to showcase their technical skills. Test projects are reviewed by 2-4 relevant team members, including the hiring manager.

Test project
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Final interview

We then invite successful candidates to a final interview which usually involves the hiring manager and someone from our leadership team to dig deeper into candidates motivations, values, experience, and technical skills.

Final interview
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We then make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best for the role.


Are you ready to join us?

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Please  reach out to our people team at for any inquiries you have about open roles or Re:Coded.

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