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“Keep pushing forward, believe in yourself, and embrace the journey”

Unlock the incredible journey of Nour as she goes from uncertainty to becoming a thriving frontend developer. Discover how Re:Coded's transformative program empowered her to chase her tech dreams.

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November 3, 2023

Rawan Hudaifa

Alumni Success Coordinator

“Keep pushing forward, believe in yourself, and embrace the journey”
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Nour's Quest for Clarity

Studying computer science doesn’t necessarily mean clarity on what you want or what you can actually do later. But Nour finally found her call in the Re:Coded bootcamp and now she works as a frontend developer.

When Nour decided to pursue a career in computer science at the university, she was uncertain about where it would lead her. 

The University Dilemma

As she progressed into her second and third years, she felt lost and unsure about which specific domain within computer science to focus on. With so many options, from web development to mobile development, Nour was eager to explore more about each one. 

Discovery: The Re:Coded Bootcamp

That's when she came across a Frontend Web Development bootcamp at Re:Coded. 

The bootcamp provided Nour with a comprehensive program that delved deeper into web development, giving her additional skills and knowledge beyond the basics taught in university. 

The most remarkable aspect of the bootcamp was its emphasis on skill development and job application preparation. Nour learned not only how to code but also how to manage her time efficiently, build strong portfolios, and effectively communicate her skills and experiences to potential employers. 

This holistic approach gave her the confidence to face the job market with a strong sense of preparedness.

"Wow" Moments and Skill Development

Throughout her journey, Nour encountered several "wow" moments. Building projects during the bootcamp was incredibly gratifying, and with each new project, her skills improved exponentially. The hands-on approach of the bootcamp allowed her to create a solid foundation in web development, opening up new possibilities for her career.

Challenges in a Challenging Environment

However, the job search process was not without its challenges. Living in Lebanon during an economic crisis made it difficult for Nour to find job opportunities that perfectly matched her qualifications. 

Nevertheless, she persisted, constantly reminding herself of her skills and unique strengths gained from the bootcamp.

With the unwavering support of her friends and family, especially her father, who believed in her potential even with little knowledge about computer science, Nour kept her motivation alive. She resisted the temptation to settle for a support role and continued applying for web development positions that matched her interests and aspirations.

An Unexpected Twist: The Interview

One day, Nour received an invitation for an interview from a project manager via LinkedIn. The two-hour conversation turned into an engaging discussion about her projects and experiences. To her surprise, the project manager saw potential in Nour as a junior web developer rather than a support specialist. After a few more interviews, Nour was offered the position, marking the beginning of her new journey as a web developer.

Now, Nour's hopes and dreams are soaring. While she currently focuses on frontend development, she plans to expand her knowledge and skills into other areas like full-stack development and mobile development. She is also considering the possibility of becoming a freelancer, providing her with the freedom to work remotely and explore various projects and opportunities.

The Transformative Power of Learning

The bootcamp was more than just a step towards a new career; it was a transformative experience that prepared Nour for success and equipped her with valuable skills and knowledge. She cannot stress enough the importance of investing in oneself and continuously learning and growing to achieve dreams and aspirations.

For those seeking to venture into web development or any other field, Nour encourages considering the Re:Coded bootcamp or any other reputable learning programs that provide comprehensive and practical experiences. 

She advises remembering that every small achievement counts, and with patience, dedication, and the right support system, one can pave the way to a fulfilling and successful career. 

So keep pushing forward, believe in yourself, and embrace the journey with enthusiasm, as every step taken is a step closer to realizing your dreams.

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Rawan Hudaifa

Alumni Success Coordinator

Rawan is the Alumni Success Coordinator at Re:Coded. She has a background in nutrition and civic projects. She previously founded a social enterprise and gained experience in the Turkish startup ecosystem. Her role includes being the first line of support to solve alumni’s problems, conducting surveys, facilitating mentorship, and connecting alumni with employment partners.

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