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Charting a new course: Fatmas journey from medicine to coding

Fatma grew up in the bustling city of Sakarya, built her life, and started a promising career in medicine there until one day, she decided on something completely different.

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October 24, 2023

Levent Ahmetoglu

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Program Manager

Charting a new course: Fatmas journey from medicine to coding
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A Promising Path

Fatma was one of those studious kids in school who always shone brightly in exams and consistently earned top grades on her report cards. With her promising academic record, she followed the well-trodden path to a prestigious high school. And, in keeping with tradition, she pursued a medical degree, guided by her family's wishes and the promising prospects that awaited.

Upon graduating, she found herself working as a general practitioner in a COVID hospital. However, the daily routine of patient follow-ups and treatment procedures left her feeling unfulfilled. A sense of longing for a more dynamic and inspiring career began to take root within her. She questioned whether being a doctor was truly her dream or if there was a different path she should explore.

A Quest for Fulfillment

It was during her time at the hospital that the first seeds of transformation were sown. Fatma realized her lack of passion for her work and her desire for something more. This realization ignited a spark within her, leading her on a journey to learn JavaScript—a journey that would forever change her life.

The world of coding was entirely foreign to her, but Fatma was determined to learn. Every day, she faced new challenges head-on, learning and growing as she encountered obstacles. Her driving force was the belief that her newfound coding skills could empower her to bring her own ideas to life. But there was something else that kept her going—a sense of community unlike any she had ever experienced before. Even strangers were eager to help, answer questions, and collaborate to take their collective knowledge a step further.

Balancing her responsibilities at the hospital with her coding journey was no easy task. It became evident that a pivotal decision needed to be made. Some might have considered it a bold move, but to Fatma, it was the most rational decision of her life. She chose to resign from her medical post to focus entirely on her coding pursuits.

With her newfound freedom, Fatma honed her skills in frontend development and JavaScript. Her progress was rapid, and her determination unwavering. Yet, she yearned for more structured guidance and support, which led her to a fortuitous discovery on LinkedIn.

An Immersive Journey

While browsing through profiles, she stumbled upon a Re:Coded bootcamp graduate. Intrigued, she delved into researching Re:Coded's bootcamps and loved what she found. These bootcamps offered a diverse range of courses, all taught in English and completely free of charge. What truly impressed her was not just the technical training but also the comprehensive career support provided for six months after graduation.

After much contemplation, Fatma chose the backend track and embarked on the bootcamp journey. The classes were not just informative but immersive, fostering camaraderie among students. The structure of the bootcamp was impressively well-organized, exceeding her expectations for a free educational program.

The bootcamp not only emphasized technical development but also nurtured essential soft skills like crafting a compelling CV, building a robust portfolio, and perfecting the elevator pitch. It equipped Fatma with a deep understanding of backend concepts and allowed her to collaborate with like-minded individuals who shared her passion for learning.

Before enrolling in the bootcamp, Fatma had believed that she needed to be a technical expert from the start. However, the bootcamp taught her that soft skills, effective problem-solving, research abilities, and collaboration were equally vital to her success.

As she reflects on her journey, Fatma extends her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a part in her transformative experience. Her goal now is to leverage her skills and tech know-how to make a positive impact on the world, inspired by the change this journey has brought to her life.

A Change for Good

Her transition from medicine to tech has been monumental, a testament to her determination, adaptability, and unwavering thirst for learning and growth. The support and knowledge she gained from Re:Coded's bootcamp and the tech community have been invaluable.

As she forges ahead in her career as a developer, Fatma is excited about the endless possibilities. Her aspiration extends beyond technical prowess—it's about using her skills to effect real change, just as this journey has profoundly changed her.

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Levent Ahmetoglu

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Program Manager

Levent is a manager at Re:Coded, bringing his experience and expertise to the organization since May 2022. Prior to joining Re:Coded, he held significant roles in project management, progressing from the bottom to the top and from the field to the headquarters. Currently, Levent takes the helm in steering Re:Coded’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Program, where he passionately empowers Re:Coded’s programs to achieve their overall outcomes.

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