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Pathway to a successful career with one single course

The secret to a successful (and happy!) career rests on a few critical skills. But there’s a catch: there’s no manual or even one place to learn them. So if not in schools or the workplace, where can one go to develop the skills necessary to find their own career success?

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February 28, 2022

Adrie Smith

Head of Content

Pathway to a successful career with one single course
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It’s this exact question that prompted us here at Re:Coded to create the Inspire Series - a range of short, self-paced online courses for people looking to add some of the skills and insights needed to kick off their careers as developers and UX/UI designers.

“The Inspire Series is intended to bridge the gap between formal education and a successful career,” Bhavik explains, “The courses within the Inspire Series should provide learners with all of the things that university misses out on. These are soft skills like communication, adaptability, managing up, emotional intelligence, meeting structure, time management, prioritization.”

“Ultimately, it’s these soft skills that allow individuals to become successful professionals, whether they’re working remotely or in person.”

Launching Master Your Job Search

Bhavik is Re:Coded’s Senior Program Manager and is responsible for building out our brand new Inspire Series. Earlier this year, we launched the Master Your Job Search curriculum as the first installment of the Inspire Series and another one has just been launched for youth in Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon.

“We wanted to keep Master Your Job Search as clear and straightforward as possible, while adding a lot of value,” Bhavik shared, “Simply put, the course aims to give people the tools and all of the skills they need to identify and pursue the right career for them.”

Master Your Job Search embraces the core of a modern job hunt, including goal setting, developing a growth mindset, personal branding, networking, and applying to new roles. And while it covers the practical elements of finding a job, it also prompts self-reflection and builds the foundations for a sustainable and fulfilling career.

95% of learners felt that the curriculum improved their ability to take action to improve their future.

“Through this course, we want to help learners identify the right career path, pick out the right people to network with, and, generally, do all the kind of practical things in their job hunt that they probably weren’t taught in school or university.”

90% of learners stated that Master Your Job Search increased their knowledge and skills to help them find a meaningful job.

Context-specific approach

There are similar courses out there, such as those on LinkedIn or Coursera, however, the context of Re:Coded’s audience is important.

“We’ve designed this course so that it’s relatable to our specific audience of developers and designers here in the region, so it actually helps them in their job search and career where they are.” Bhav shared.

Other more career development courses tend to focus on data and trends from the United States and Europe. And while this information might be relevant for that audience, it can fall flat with audiences in the Middle East where customs, opportunities, and job mobility are different.

“While we cover the basics of some of the more subjective topics, we want to make sure that we’re giving our learners snippets of advice and help that they can relate to in their context.”

Next up in the Inspire Series

Master Your Job Search is only the start of Re:Coded’s Inspire Series. New events and courses will be launching over the next year to expand on the Inspire Series and offer further deep dives into career-building skills.

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Adrie Smith

Head of Content

Adrie is Re:Coded's Head of Content and has been with Re:Coded since February 2022. With a background in tech recruitment, Adrie found her calling in content back in 2018. Today, she's responsible for creating great content to power the Re:Coded student community.

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