Ready to network? These are the top tech groups in Jordan, Iraq, Türkiye, and beyond

Ready to network? These are the top tech groups in Jordan, Iraq, Türkiye, and beyond


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July 17, 2023

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Dalia Hammad

Re:Coded contributor | Jordan

In the MENA region and the world, tech is one of the fastest-growing sectors. It's constantly evolving with advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security, and digital transformation.

As a result, tech companies everywhere, including those in MENA, are growing substantially. In 2022, startups in MENA attracted $3.94 billion in funding. They are looking for software developers, IT professionals, UI/UX designers, and programmers, among other tech specialists to help them grow even more. And they are looking for people like you! 

But you might be wondering, which companies are hiring? What skills do they look for? How can you reach them? And how can you stand out? 

To find out, one of the best things you can do is join a professional tech group. If you are in Jordan, Iraq, Türkiye, or elsewhere in the MENA region, here’s a list of the top tech groups to join. 

What exactly are tech groups?

Tech groups are communities of enthusiasts and professionals in different areas in tech such as UI/UX design, software development, data science, product management, and more. These groups often involve meetups, events, and workshops, where members can network, build relationships, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on projects. 

While some groups are very specific, focusing on specific technologies, industries, or professional roles (like data science), others are more general. 

They also differ in meeting format and communication; some groups are in-person while others are online.

Why are tech groups important for MENA tech workers?

In the MENA region, many young people struggle to find jobs. Since tech is a growing sector, it provides work opportunities for unemployed youth. 

Due to its digital nature, the tech space provides many opportunities for independent and remote workers. You might even consider freelancing to help you land that dream job in tech!

Tech groups, in this case, are very important to help in connecting companies with young Middle Easterners. 

Here’s why you should join tech groups in Jordan, Iraq, Türkiye, and MENA:

  • Networking and job opportunities: Tech groups in Jordan, Iraq, Türkiye, and MENA provide access to networking opportunities, where young people can meet tech companies and employers, build relationships, and find job opportunities. Members can also collaborate on projects, find innovative solutions, and better understand where the sector is heading.
  • Skills development and continuous learning: Tech groups normally organize workshops and training programs for their members. This is useful for fresh grads, juniors, and more established senior professionals. It allows members to develop their skills and stay informed on the latest advancements in the industry, especially in a field like tech which is evolving at a rapid pace. 
  • Community support and mentorship: Lastly, tech groups provide members with community support, where you can engage with like-minded people with similar challenges. You can inspire and get inspired and learn from others who have been on a similar path. Mentorship is a great way to help you find a suitable career path, secure a job, or work on a startup of your own.

As you can see, the tech space in MENA is full of opportunities waiting for people like you! If you don’t have tech skills, you can still build a tech career without them. And if you’re interested in developing your tech skills, you can easily shift your career to become a developer

What are the top professional tech groups in Jordan, Iraq, Türkiye, and the MENA region?

So, what are some of the best tech groups and communities to join? Here’s a country-specific list for Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey, as well as a broader MENA list to get you started. 

Tech groups in Jordan

Amman Tech Tuesdays

Amman Tech Tuesdays is a hub for tech professionals, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. The group holds regular meetups to discuss different topics in technology. It provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and learning from industry experts through presentations and panel discussions.

UX Jordan

UX Jordan is a specialized tech group for user experience (UX) designers, researchers, and enthusiasts in Jordan. 

The community organizes events, workshops, and meetups to discuss UX methodologies, best practices, and industry trends. It provides a platform to exchange knowledge and network with other UX professionals and enthusiasts in Jordan.

UI/UX is a growing field in Jordan and the region as a whole. Find out how to build your career as a UI/UX designer.

Women in Tech Jordan

Women in Tech is a group for women working in or interested in the tech industry in Jordan. The group aims to support and empower women in tech, a field that is mostly dominated by men. 

To do this, the group organizes events, workshops, and mentorship programs to support women's professional growth, provide networking opportunities, and make the sector more gender diverse. 

Tech groups in Iraq


TechHub is a group for tech professionals, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. It promotes collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange within the tech ecosystem in Iraq. They organize meetups, workshops, and events for networking and learning.

The Station

The Station is a hub for entrepreneurship with co-working spaces in Baghdad, Mosul, Erbil, and Basra. The spaces are intended for young Iraqis with fresh and innovative ideas. The station is not just a co-working space but also a community, which provides training sessions, incubation programs, and support for young Iraqis looking to start their business.

Tech groups in Türkiye

Startup Istanbul

Startup Istanbul is for entrepreneurs, founders, and those looking to work in the tech industry. It is an annual startup event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors from around the world. 

It provides a platform for networking, pitching competitions, mentorship, and access to the startup ecosystem. 

WTM Istanbul (Women Techmakers Istanbul)

WTM Istanbul is for women in tech, designers, and tech enthusiasts in Istanbul. WTM Istanbul focuses on supporting and empowering women in the tech space. They organize events, workshops, and conferences that promote diversity, leadership, and skill development for women in technology.

GDG Istanbul (Google Developer Group Istanbul)

GDG Istanbul is for developers and those interested in tech in Istanbul. The group hosts regular meetups, workshops, and events, covering various Google technologies, platforms, and development practices. They provide opportunities to learn, collaborate, and share knowledge with others.

GDG is a global network of local groups in more than 140 countries worldwide, including 2 in Jordan, 4 in Iraq, and 35 in Türkiye.

Turkey AI

Turkey AI is for AI professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in Turkey. They organize meetups, conferences, and workshops to exchange knowledge, work together, and network with others in Türkiye’s AI community.

Tech groups in the wider MENA region

ArabWIC (Arab Women in Computing)

ArabWIC is a group that focuses on supporting and empowering women in the computing and technology fields across the MENA region. They have a strong presence and support both women professionals and students by offering mentorship programs, professional development opportunities, and networking events. They have a vast network and work hard to create a supportive community for women in tech.


ArabNet is a platform for startups, investors, and those interested in tech in MENA. They organize conferences, competitions, and networking events that bring together entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors. ArabNet is a hub for the startup ecosystem in the region, helping build connections, share knowledge, and introduce business opportunities.

ProductTank MENA

ProductTank MENA is a group for product managers, designers, and developers. They host meetups and events, focusing on product management, user experience design, and agile methodologies.


Re:Coded hosts a wider online tech community for aspiring developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. They offer coding and design bootcamps, workshops, and entrepreneurship programs to empower young Middle Easterners with digital skills. They provide a community exclusive to students, for learning, networking, and connecting with mentors and industry professionals.

Techstars Startup Digest MENA

Techstars Startup Digest MENA is for entrepreneurs, startups, and tech enthusiasts. It is an online newsletter that shares information on startup events, webinars, and resources in the MENA region. It provides everything you need to know about the startup ecosystem in the region, allowing you to stay updated, learn about opportunities, and connect with the startup community.

Get out there and network!

In conclusion, tech groups in Jordan, Iraq, Türkiye, and MENA are a great way for professionals, aspiring workers, students, and enthusiasts to network, collaborate, develop their skills and knowledge, and receive support. 

From Amman Tech Tuesdays in Jordan to GDG Istanbul in Türkiye and TechHub Baghdad in Iraq, people in tech have much to gain from a diverse range of MENA tech groups on a country-specific and region-wide level. Through these communities, we can all work on developing ourselves, our careers, and our ecosystem and industry at large.

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