The most important reasons for you to learn react

The most important reasons for you to learn react


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October 10, 2021

Tech careers


Lars Højholt

Director of Communications

With React Bootcamps now an integrated part of our programs, we took the chance to ask Maher Alail, one of our Lead Trainers all the questions we normally get from our fellow community considering to apply.

Why learn React?

Question: Why should someone learn React?

Maher: React is one of the most in-demand frameworks in the world. React was originally created by Facebook and they continue to update and improve it. Simply, those who know the framework well are going to thrive in a career in tech.

There are countless tech companies using React right now - Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, eBay, Dropbox, Reddit, and Airbnb - just to name a few.

React is a framework that is built entirely on JavaScript and provides a standardized way of creating and deploying parts of web applications. This allows developers to put their energy and focus towards designing a good experience for end users of the application. We teach React because in the last few years, React has surpassed other frameworks in popularity and demand.

Check our website for current React Bootcamps

Really? Yes! Many people look at JavaScript and React as the future of web applications - learning React now will set you up for success in your future career as well as increase your earning power. Don’t believe us? There are currently almost 650 open jobs for developers who know React in Turkey alone.

React careers

Question: What kind of career paths do people with React have?

Maher: If you’re working as a front-end developer and want to give yourself an extra edge, learning React can set yourself apart from the competition. Knowing React is one of the best tools a developer can have in their wheelhouse - it makes JavaScript easier to use and it’s the go-to framework for most tech organizations.

React bootcamps

Question: Who is the bootcamp ideal for?

Maher: "This bootcamp is ideal for programers looking to take their skills to the next level. If you’re serious about having a career in tech - React should be the next thing that you focus on mastering. If you’re ready to take the leap and if you have a decent understanding of programming as well as some prior experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - this bootcamp is going to be a perfect fit for you.

Trust us, after you learn React - you’ll never be able to code in JavaScript without it again!

Bootcamp learnings

Question: What are the most important things that students will learn in this bootcamp?

Maher: Re:Coded’s React Bootcamp takes you through 200 hours of content where you’ll learn the fundamentals of React front-end web programming. The curriculum is provided and certified by Flatiron School, one of the best coding schools in the world, and has been adapted by Re:Coded. The bootcamp will teach you to think and build like software developers by solving test-driven labs and working on real-life projects. If you decide to apply for this bootcamp, you will learn deep dive into React, Hooks, Redux, Context APIs and so much more!

Bootcamp applications

Question: What are you looking for in an application?

Maher: "We want to see your passion and motivation learning React and we really want to know why you want to learn with Re:Coded! We receive hundreds of applications to our bootcamps and we really read through each and every one of them. The most successful applications are from people who tell us about an idea or a goal that they have and how going through this bootcamp will help them to achieve that goal. This is our first chance to get to know a little bit about your goals and ambitions - so please share them with us!"

Bootcamp skills

Question: How much coding and exactly what would you need to know to apply?

Maher: "Students that are successfully admitted to the bootcamp are both familiar with and are able to use basic Git, npm, and basic JavaScript. Additionally, knowledge of HTML and CSS is also needed to succeed in the bootcamp.

In React applications, Node.js and npm are used as runtime backend and package manager respectively. You need to be able to install packages via the command-line interface and run npm scripts. You also need to know how to use git as a source code management tool.

React uses a preconfigured ES6 packer that takes your source code and transpile it to a browser-compatible code. Hence, some ECMAScript 6 JavaScript language features knowledge is a plus to basic knowledge of JavaScript. You will be importing and exporting modules, work with arrow functions and closures, and occasionally use ES6 classes and inheritance among other things.

Finally, come prepared with your code editor of preference or IDE, and lots of questions and passion to dive deep into the realm of modern frontend web development."

Question: What should I do if I’m not sure I know enough coding to apply to this bootcamp?

Maher: "Don't let anything discourage you! We see plenty of applicants who think they know too little when in fact the opposite is true. The same goes for English skills - don't let that hold you back.

However, if you want to brush up or give yourself a little edge in the application process, we would definitely suggest doing a few coding challenges on Hackerrank or Code warriers or walking through an extensive guide like JavaScript Guide - JavaScript | MDN. You can also take these freeCodeCamp courses on Basic Data Structures in JavaScript and ES6 syntax.

And if you feel comfortable coding in HTML, CSS & Javascript you’re definitely ready to add React to your toolkit."

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