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From Sétif to Success: Takieddine Dilmi's Journey Through Tech and Poetry

Takieddine Dilmi was born and raised in Sétif, Algeria, where he grew up in a supportive family of seven. His childhood was marked by curiosity and a desire to explore. "Like every kid in my generation, I dreamed of becoming a pilot," he recalls. "But as I matured, my goal evolved to simply living a comfortable life."

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July 10, 2024

Levent Ahmetoglu

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Program Manager

From Sétif to Success: Takieddine Dilmi's Journey Through Tech and Poetry
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Despite pursuing a degree in Economics, Takieddine left before completing his third year to explore freelancing. "I lived my life to the fullest, trying and exploring many things," he says. Amidst his diverse pursuits, was Takieddine’s passion for writing poetry. "I've always loved turning anything into a rhythmic poem," he shares. 

Discovering Re:Coded

Takieddine’s life took a pivotal turn when he discovered Re:Coded while scrolling through Facebook.

"It was pure luck. I was just browsing Facebook, and there it was—an opportunity I felt compelled to seize," he recalls.

Despite his lack of a tech background and the program being free, he decided to apply, not expecting much.

The moment he was selected from among 3,000 applicants was exhilarating for both him and his family. "Most of the things were 'wow' for me," he admits, recalling the new experiences and knowledge he gained.

From Novice to Software Engineer

Takieddine embraced the challenges and opportunities at Re:Coded with enthusiasm. "The journey was transformative. I went from having no tech background to securing a tech job in less than a year. That's truly impactful," he says.

His dedication and hard work paid off when he landed a job as a Software Engineer at Hilal Software Corp.

"Working at Hilal Software Corp is a dream come true. I'm constantly learning and growing in an ever-evolving industry," he shares.

His current goal is to continue gaining experience and staying at the cutting edge of the tech world.

Takieddine aspires to make a significant impact in the world through his work.

"I want to do something behind the scenes that everyone will talk about, yet they wouldn't know who did it," he reveals.

His story is a testament to the power of luck and perseverance. It demonstrates how a supportive community and a willingness to embrace new opportunities can turn dreams into reality, regardless of where one starts.

A Poetic Transformation

In his own poetic words, Takieddine encapsulates the essence of his journey:

With Re:Coded

you'll get the best mentors and peers,

Who will support you, guide you, and cheer.

You'll master the skills you need,

To succeed as a web developer or designer indeed.

You'll work on real projects and challenges,

That will boost your confidence and enhance your chances.

Of landing your dream job and career,

And making a positive impact here.

Re:Coded is not just a bootcamp,

It's a journey of transformation and growth.

So don't hesitate, apply today,

And let Re:Coded show you the way.

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Authors biography

Levent Ahmetoglu

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Program Manager

Levent is a manager at Re:Coded, bringing his experience and expertise to the organization since May 2022. Prior to joining Re:Coded, he held significant roles in project management, progressing from the bottom to the top and from the field to the headquarters. Currently, Levent takes the helm in steering Re:Coded’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Program, where he passionately empowers Re:Coded’s programs to achieve their overall outcomes.

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