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Can you train curiosity? This course thinks you can.

Every breakthrough in history, generally, has one factor in common: they were driven by curious people. And while curiosity is undoubtedly valuable, how do you build it if you're not at the innovation level yet? Rana, Re:Coded's Learning Experience Designer, has the answer for you: our new 21st Century Skills course.

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Adrie Smith

Head of Content

Can you train curiosity? This course thinks you can.
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In past generations, curiosity was a nice to have. Technical and career-specific skills were prioritized. Today things are different. Curiosity has become a crucial component for success alongside tech skills.

Curiosity is closely linked to many positive qualities, including resilience, humor, playfulness, positive outlook, empathy, and open attitudes toward others. As a result, curious people are more likely to succeed—at whatever it is they set their minds to.

The future looks human

"When you look up future skills for work, a lot of things come up around automation," Rana explains, "But essentially 21st century skills are about going back to what makes us human."

"In a world where reliance on technology is on the rise and where information is abundant, skills like creativity, working in teams, empathy, and self-reflection will be more important than ever." For Rana, technical skills are important, but these soft skills are the key to long-term success in a constantly changing world.

And, according to Rana, mastering all of these requires a healthy dose of curiosity. And luckily, there's a course that'll help boost your creativity: 21st Century Skills.

Nurturing a life-long journey

21st Century Skills covers five modules packed with information, reflections, and exercises: learning how to learn, priority management, effective communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Each module intends to equip the learner with tools and frameworks to widen their perspective, develop a growth mindset, experiment with new approaches, and allow them to view failure positively.

"It's laying the foundation for a lifelong journey of learning, unlearning, and building these essential skills throughout our lives," Rana explains. The course focuses on lifelong learning (or curiosity!) that will help you not just nail your next job, but continue to develop as a professional and a person.

The power is not just in the course content, but the reflective exercises. "This is a personalized journey for each learner to understand where they started and reflect on the values that drive their work and purpose."

21st Century Skills is a course designed for young professionals starting their careers. "They typically have a bunch of skills or skill sets that they want to continue to improve on. So they may have done a little bit of that self-reflection already." Rana added.

It's an entirely online and self-paced learning experience. As a result, it's best suited to people familiar with online learning who have already proven their dedication to completing an online course.

Holistic (and successful) professionals

Technical skills are still crucial, but they're only one side of what makes a successful professional.

"So when it comes to being a really good developer or designer, a lot of it is about working with others, problem-solving, being able to manage your time, thinking critically, and coming up with creative solutions," Rana insists.

At Re:Coded, our coding, and design bootcamps often look for individuals with growth mindsets and demonstrable creativity. We firmly believe that these—paired with technical skills—create holistic professionals. Today, we can close the gap in that learning experience and train creativity with the 21st Century Skills curriculum.

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Adrie Smith

Head of Content

Adrie is Re:Coded's Head of Content and has been with Re:Coded since February 2022. With a background in tech recruitment, Adrie found her calling in content back in 2018. Today, she's responsible for creating great content to power the Re:Coded student community.

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