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Zain Awan

Zain is Re:Coded’s Growth and Operations Manager where he acts as a partner evangelizer, growth hacker and manages the cutting edge facilities and offerings at Re:Coded House. Zain is passionate about establishing multi-disciplinary and creative approaches to developing the next generation of leaders.

Before joining Re:Coded, Zain served as the youngest serving director of the British Youth Council in its 60 years, where he implemented specialist programmes and partnerships including a nationwide campaign for education advocacy in Pakistan. Zain has also worked as a marketing and communications consultant to the Department for Communities and Local Government (UK), served as the Director of Marketing for a Y.C. backed tech start-up and established an innovation department for one of the fastest growing NGOs in the UK.

When Zain isn’t working, you can find him writing, reading, or doing spoken word poetry. He is also a mountain and nature lover with a passion for making his instagram page look epic.