Current Programs


Blockchain CryptoCamp

Re:Coded Digital Academy

Re:Coded’s CryptoCamp will enable intermediate level developers gain the skills to develop smart contracts, decentralized apps (DApps), and other sweeping changes for the security and cryptography sector. 

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Web Development Bootcamp

Gaziantep, Turkey

In partnership with SAP, Re:Coded is running a front-end web development bootcamp in Gaziantep focusing on Javascript and React, enabling students to go from code newbies to no brainer tech hires.


Advanced Android Bootcamp

Re:Coded Digital Academy

If you are a Java programmer who is interested in mastering the Android platform and building top-rated Android apps, this is the program for you. Learn more about the program here.


Our intensive coding bootcamp prepares participants with training and support to enter to work force as software developers. We offer students access to world-class curriculums and the opportunity to learn with amazing trainers and peers. Technical sessions are blended with sessions that focus on developer soft skills, with the goal to increase employability and entrepreneurial potential.

Once participants complete the technical and work skills portion of our curriculums, they are placed in apprenticeships or internships with companies looking for technical talent. Participants work for 8 weeks to build their portfolio and gain work experience.

Re:Coded provides ongoing career support and additional training opportunities for participants for up to six months post-graduation.

Selection Criteria

  1. Be between the age of 18 and 35 years

  2. Have a passion for coding and technology

  3. Have the time and capacity to commit to a full coding bootcamp

  4. Not have access to education or a high quality job

  5. Have intermediate English

  6. Get through the selection process


Steps to Apply

More than 150 youth across the Middle East have studied at Re:Coded. You can also be part of this amazing community and transform your future, just follow the steps listed below. The tech industry awaits you!


Step 1 - Tell Us About yourself 

We ask you to fill out a simple application form. We want to understand who you are, why you want to be part of Re:Coded and how you’ll use your skills to launch an inspiring career! We don’t have any educational requirements; instead, our application process gives you the opportunity to show your skills and character.


Step 2 - Admissions Challenge

Applicants that are shortlisted partake in a week long homework challenge so we can assess your motivation and aptitude for the programs ahead. This step also gives you the opportunity to assess whether this is the right path forward for you.


Step 3 - Interviews

After passing the homework challenge, you'll be invited to meet with our team where we will do a series of interviews and tests to make sure you’re the right fit for the program. In addition to getting to know more about you, we'll have you do some technical exercises. From here, we'll make our final decision.


Web Dev Bootcamp Prep

Start learning to code today with our comprehensive, free and online coding bootcamp prep materials from our partner, Flatiron School - 75+ hours of Javascript, HTML, CSS and Ruby lessons.

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Winning With People

Start honing your developer soft skills with this online curriculum created by our friends at Andela which will help refine your communication, feedback, business etiquette and project management skills.

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Android Fundamentals Prep

Developing Android Apps is the foundation of our advanced Android curriculum. This course blends theory and practice to help you build great apps and learn the best practices for your own projects.