Re:Coded talks tech-upskilling and impact at World Bank’s Digital Mashreq forum

On June 29, 2019 -  Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon committed to digitally transform their countries, discussing their roadmaps to support the Mashreq region’s integration into the rapidly evolving global digital economy. The commitments came on the first day of the landmark, high-level forum on Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Development in Mashreq, which was  hosted by the Government of Jordan and the World Bank Group. Re:Coded was honoured to be invited alongside key decision makers and players from across the world.

Our team was represented by Zain Haider Awan, Growth and Operations manager at Re:Coded and formed part of the official Iraqi delegation.

The summit centred around how the Mashreq formed of Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq could power digitalization in the region, and importantly learn and collaborate with each other. Over 500 attendees from policy-makers, tech giants and mission aligned organisations convened from across 25 countries to see how they could help with the Mashreq’s vision. The forum brought together over the course of three intense and immersive days  over 20 panels, over 65 powerful speakers, 40 disruptive startups and 22 investors.

This unique blend of public and private sector organisations and players, aimed to help the three governments consolidate problems and solutions to enable the Mashreq to develop in tune with the fourth digital revolution.

Zain delivered a presentation and keynote on Re:Coded’s work pioneering across Iraq and beyond. As the first coding bootcamp in a post-conflict society, Re:Coded has had a deep commitment to share organisational learnings with those that are trying to impact our world for the better.


Speaking alongside some key partners from the region, Zain emphasised the role of upskilling youth for relevant work and transformative impact that coding and high level digital education is having and can have across our different communities and countries. Sighting the example previously emphasised in the conference about the huge gender disparity in the Mashreq, Zain celebrated that over 40% of people that have benefited from Re:Coded’s work are women. Despite this monumental success, ‘we still want to do more to create a perfect balance.’

Assessing that every solution itself has limitations, Zain went on to challenge the development discourse surrounding upskilling stating ‘if funding agencies still believe that granting a sewing machine to a girl will readily prepare her for the future of work, or at best - skilling youth to use emails is going to be sufficient - then something is wrong.’ Wrapping up his keynote, Zain concluded questioning the crowd if they were satisfied with creating ‘consumers and pencil pushers from the region, or that if they believed in the power of the Mashreq in enabling the next generation of tech leaders.’

Re:Coded would like to take this opportunity to thank the World Bank for their invitation and the Royal Kingdom of Jordan for its hospitality. Re:Coded is delighted to see great progress in the region and welcomes an open approach to collaboration and tech based development in the Mashreq.


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