Introducing a new us!

It’s a new year, new us, sort of vibe.

In 2017, we began with a mission: to teach conflict-affected youth how to code. And what a ride it’s been. While we won’t recap in detail our past two years (though if you haven’t, you should read our Year in Review that we published last year), we will share some figures:

450 children and youth trained.

88.7% job placement record.

44% female placement.

And 8 programs.

All over a period of nearly two years (or 671 days to be exact).

During that time, you’ve gotten to know us, just as we’ve gotten to know you. And you’ve become familiar with — what is now — our old logo.


But 2019 is not only a year of change for us, it’s also a year of growth. And we’re looking forward to growing together, which is why we wanted to share our decision to change our logo with you.

Our first logo will always feel like home to us and we’re sure many of you may feel the same way too. You may even have a sticker of it on your laptop or be one of the lucky few who have the laser-cut keychain.

Our first logo was created as our Re:Coded story began; it’s how we introduced ourselves to you and it’s what soon became a symbol of hope and inspiration within our community. It’s intricate, it’s beautiful, and it’s at the core of who we are. And while it will always be, we also knew, it was time for a change.


Our new logo pays homage to our past while facing forward. It is a bird both in motion, but also at peace. It’s lighter, it’s more flexible, and it still evokes the sense of limitlessness we aim to inspire.

You see, within our programs, we push our students to challenge the impossible; to think creatively and be relentlessly curious. We also encourage personal reflection and growth. So it was only natural that we applied those lessons to ourselves. And with a new co-working space on the horizon, more cities becoming part of the Re:Coded family and more programs planned than ever before, we knew this year would be a an important one.

So, we sat down and sought to develop a new logo that represented this next stage for Re:Coded. Our new logo marks this moment of change in our organization. This new stage is all-about growth. For us, growth means more than just increasing numbers; it means more capacity, more agility, and more resources to fulfill our mission of training conflict affected youth to become technology leaders.

So, say hello. We’re still us — just now looking forward.