Re:Coded Round-Up September 2019 Edition

As the weather begins to change, we're now gearing into our programming for the fall. We kicked off the month with two well-attended workshops in Baghdad, once again showing the growing passion for digital skills in the region. Re:Coded House continues to expand in creative ways, and our bootcamps are well on their way. Here's our September Round-Up. 


Highlight of the Month

An Exciting Future Ahead for Baghdad

Over 200 attended our two workshops, Building Your Portfolio, and Intro to Digital Marketing held at The Station in Baghdad. The workshops were hosted by Zain Awan, our Growth and Operations Manager, read his recap below:

“I've delivered many workshops and masterclasses in my career but the audience in Baghdad was really special. The two workshops aimed to up-skill youth.  The first workshop was on pitch, self-branding and interview techniques looked at analyzing the hiring process, standard mistakes being made with applicants in the region and reflections on developing individual brands. 

The second workshop was an introduction to digital marketing analyzing the relationship between engagement and relevance, content creation and how to growth hack. Despite the workshop, content being quite dense and each lasting up to three hours, the participants kept me on my toes engaging critically and asking very powerful questions. 

Baghdad is booming and is forever blossoming. The talent, the curiosity and the creativity that oozes from the community residing in the emerging eco-system should be a testament of hope, and what’s to come in Iraq at large.”

- Zain Awan, Growth & Ops Manager


Bootcamp Briefing

Just keep coding, coding, coding...

Gaziantep, Turkey:
Our Fellows are wrapping up their SAP Training this month, with their graduation set for early November. If you're interested in hiring a junior web-developer, reach out to us.

Baghdad, Iraq:
Our Front-End Web Development Fellows in Baghdad are learning all about Asynchronous Javascript, Ajax and Objects. 

Sana'a, Yemen:
Our students are well on their way into the world of web development! So far, they’ve covered HTML and are moving onto CSS. A few students have excelled past our set-curriculum and are moving onto JavaScript.


In The House

Good Chance Theatre

We’re excited to see that Re:Coded House is not only a hub for technology in the Kurdistan region but now for all-things creative. This month, the House welcomed Dina Mousawi, Creative Producer of Good Chance Theatre as part of our Creative Circles Series. 

Good Chance Theatre began in the heart of the refugee and migrant camp in Calais, known as ‘the Jungle’ on September 2015. It established its first temporary Theatre of Hope, an 11m geodesic dome that promotes freedom of expression, creativity, and dignity for all its participants. Dina shared Good Chance’s mission of utilizing theatre and art to connect, unite and reclaim individual and collective narratives. 

Amongst its many other arts projects, the multi-award-winning play The Jungle by Murphy and Robertson has played two tremendously successful seasons in London and then, equally successfully, in New York and San Francisco. It will return to New York in spring 2020. To read our recap of the event, click here.

We thank Dina for stopping by Re:Coded House, and can’t wait to see what is next for her and her team at Good Chance!

Creative Circles is an on-going event series held at Re:Coded House dedicated to creative industries. Whether you’ve been working in the creative field for a decade, or are newly interested in the arts, Creative Circles invites creatives to our space to share their work and learn from one another. Events are held monthly, and to see if an event is upcoming, visit our Facebook.