Mujtaba Al-Tameemi

Mujtaba is an instructor fellow at our coding bootcamp in Gaziantep. His primary objective in life is to learn and share his learnings with others. He is currently working as a full-stack web developer at Thinkific, an ed-tech startup in Vancouver. He has had the privilege of living in Iraq, Jordan, the United States, Turkey, and Canada, which taught him to approach problems from different perspectives. He obtained the motivation and skills to become a leader and change-maker from his time in the United States, founded and organized several initiatives such as Fikra Space and Startup Weekend in Iraq and Jordan, and in Canada, he shifted his focus to improving his software engineering skills.

Mujtaba’s experience ranges from Android applications to full-stack web development. In the open-source world, he has authored a few libraries and tools, such as pg-search-sequelize, mocha-apiary-reporter, and sync-push. His experience in the DevOps world includes designing and building continuous deployment environments with zero-downtime using AWS, Docker, and CircleCI.