Khadijah Abdul Nabi

Khadijah is Marketing Coordinator at Re:Coded. In her design work, Khadijah is most passionate about the process of designing with and learning from the people she works with. She is fueled by the desire to tell amazing stories and loves to see what the power of design can achieve.

Khadijah was born and raised in the Bronx, New York before moving to Erbil in 2012. Before joining Re:Coded, Khadijah founded her own branding studio, Khadijah Designs, creating visual identity systems for creative entrepreneurs in the MENA region. She also previously worked as a Program Manager for the Refugee Youth Program at the International Rescue Committee in New York. Khadijah has a Bachelor of Arts (Middle Eastern Studies) from Barnard College, Columbia University and a Degree in Graphic Design from Shillington College in London.

When Khadijah is not creating something visually amazing, you can find her running, doing yoga or spending time with her cats Snow and Gucci. Otherwise, you will find her making, eating or talking about Dolma. It’s her one true love.