The people that thrive at Re:Coded, love learning and solving complex problems and appreciate the value of working as part of a team.

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Step 1

Tell Us About yourself 

We want to understand who you are, why you want to be part of Re:Coded and how you’ll use your skills to launch an inspiring career. We don’t have any educational requirements; instead, our application process gives you the opportunity to show your skills and character.

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Step 2

Admissions Challenge

Applicants that are shortlisted, partake in a week long homework challenge so we can assess your motivation and aptitude for the programs ahead.  



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Step 3

Individual Interviews

After passing the homework challenge, you'll be invited to meet with a member of the Re:Coded team. In addition to getting to know more about you, we'll have you do some technical exercises. From here, we'll make our final decision.