Alexandra Clare


Ali spends her time sorting out the vision, strategy, funding, and growth plans for Re:Coded and helps to manage the awesome Re:Coded team. She heads up partner development and builds networks with like-minded organizations and has racked up more miles than she cares to admit.

Prior to Re:Coded, Ali helped launch a humanitarian innovation accelerator at New York University’s GovLab where she helped teams develop solutions for disaster and conflict affected contexts. Before that, she worked in humanitarian advocacy and law for the UN Special Representative for the Secretary General for Children and Armed Conflict, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group and the NSW Department of Public Prosecutions. Before that, Ali was in university for way too long, studying for her LLB and BA in Development Studies at the Australian National University before commencing a Masters in Global Affairs at New York University, where she was a Rotary fellow.

For extracurricular fun, Ali loves to travel, cook and dabble in amateur jewelry making. She has lived in France, Ghana, Iraq, New York and now lives in Istanbul where she was recently converted to liking cats.