Re:Coded is a humanitarian startup training conflict affected youth to become the tech leaders of tomorrow



Re:Coded aims to create innovative, socially minded leaders in conflict affected countries using technology and entrepreneurship as a catalyst. 


Why we started!

Shrinking economies and rising unemployment plague many refugee-hosting countries and the presence of large refugee populations has created an additional burden. Options for dignified employment are often limited, both structurally and legally, meaning conflict affected youth are more susceptible to labour exploitation, recruitment by armed groups or early marriage. There is an urgent need for a scalable, sustainable and replicable model for job creation that is not bound by geography and takes into account the opportunities offered by technology to address a global skills gap.


we believe

In the strength of diversity, the beauty of code, and the power of education. We believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, the doors of which should be closed to no one. We believe in equipping conflict affected youth with the tools to create their own solutions.

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Inspired by a shared vision of technology and empowering youth with the skills of the future, Alexandra and Marcello co-founded Re:Coded in May 2017 with a mission to bridge the education and employment divide in the wake of a conflict. Alongside an incredible, resilient group of students, they launched a coding bootcamp for displaced youth that would not otherwise have access to first-rate materials, mentorships and employment opportunities. Since then, the Re:Coded team has opened up new career pathways for it’s fellows and empowered them to reach their full potential.




We believe in, explore and develop people's potential and aim to inspire and uplift everyone we work with: beneficiaries, our staff and stakeholders. We are active listeners and inclusive in our approach to human centered design.



We have a passion for empowering and working with and for vulnerable populations. Our team is resilient and has a willingness to take on the toughest challenges and get the job done.



We are open and have no hidden agenda. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards in everything we do. When we make a mistake, we acknowledge and admit it, reiterate and take practical steps to solve the problem. We remain humble and respectful to our beneficiaries. 


we have a start-up mindset

We are enterprising in achieving growth, innovation and social impact. We are open to new angles to our projects and respect others. We instill a culture of mutual growth and learning and give everyone a  platform to express their ideas.