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We launched our Android Coding Bootcamp
in Iraq and Turkey


📍Erbil, Iraq

With support from GIZ and Zain Iraq, we launched our coding bootcamp program on September 11! Our students are a mix of 50 fellows from different backgrounds, including Syrian refugees, displaced Iraqis and Kurdish youth. They’re all on a mission to change their lives through code! It’s the seventh week of the intensive bootcamp where they’re learning the Android Basics Nanodegree by Udacity and designed by Google. So far the fellows have been keeping up with the course with some asking to learn even more advanced concepts!

Urfa Bootcamp.jpg

📍Urfa, Turkey

Re:Coded launched its bootcamp in Sanliurfa, Turkey on October 23rd! The program is organized within the scope of the “Strengthening Social Stability in Southeast Anatolia” The project is funded by Government of Japan and implemented in partnership with GAP Regional Development Administration (GAP RDA), Harran UniversityIstanbul Bilgi University and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Our 30 fellows are a mix of Syrian refugees and Turkish youth who are ready to enter the creative universe of Android! The fellows will be traveling to Istanbul in December to meet with leaders in the tech and startup sectors and kickstart their coding careers. The program is based at Harran University and run in collaboration with Istanbul Bilgi University.


Our fellows will create your Android app for FREE!

If you're a corporate, startup or entrepreneur with an Android app idea that you want to create then we're looking for you!  Our fellows in Sanliurfa will create an MVP of your Android app for ABSOLUTELY FREE. A team of 4-5 students will work on an MVP for 8 weeks from January till March 2018. By the end of the 8 weeks, they'll present the prototype to you. If you're interested then please apply here.

What's in it for Re:Coded?
We want to provide our fellows with international exposure to projects and differing work styles. Through this client project, they'll be able to apply the skills they've learnt like how to deal with a client, how to do a needs assessment and how to meet a client's expectations. By the end of the program, they'll have a project to add to their portfolio which is key for them to get work from future employers.

Meet Samiha Alhabbal
one of our incredible fellows!


"My name is Samiha and I’m 22 years old from Damascus, Syria. I just graduated from the Information Technology Department at Ishik University. I remember my first month of university was the hardest, especially being in a new country. However, after a while, I met new people, started to improve my English language and I tried to learn some kurdish words to help me to get around. I did my best and I finished as one of the top students in the Information Technology Department.

I want to learn programming because I believe it's the future language. It’s amazing when you see your program running as well as you expected on your device - you feel that you did something good and you are ready to do it again! The amazing thing about Re:Coded is what makes it different from other programs - the fellows are here to gain knowledge and to learn, all of them are very interested and excited. It's very joyful for me to be a Re:Coded fellow and it’s motivating and inspiring to be in this environment." To hear more of her story, click here.

Fellows selected for MIT Refugee Learning Accelerator!

MIT- Virtual Teacher Team.jpg

We are incredibly proud to announce that six members of the Re:Coded family have been accepted into the highly selective MIT Refugee Learning Accelerator!

unnamed (1).jpg

Re:Coded team members Shereen Messi and Noor Sulaiman will be using the accelerator to develop interactive coding content in Arabic so we can further our mission to teach code to more children and youth in their native language!

Two of our current fellows, Hakeem Al Khateeb and Allen Saleh, along with honorary family member San Mohammed, make up the Virtual Teacher Team! They recently won Iraq’s first Social Innovation Hackathon with their idea to develop a virtual reality teaching game to teach basic language to Syrian refugees in Iraq. They will be using the accelerator to continue developing the platform and try to raise funding.

Re:Coded alumni Muataz Aziz, who was the runner up of Startup Weekend Erbil and the Social Innovation Hackathon, was also accepted to accelerate his idea Al Madressa - an online learning platform for displaced Iraqi youth.

Refugee Code Week comes to Iraq and Turkey for the first time!

unnamed (2).jpg

With support from SAP, the train-the-trainer sessions for Refugee Code Weektook place on 13 - 15 September in Istanbul and Sanliurfa, Turkey, and on 29 - 30 September at the Lebanese French University in Erbil, Iraq. We trained over 85 trainers in Scratch level 1 and 2 in order to equip them with the skills to teach coding to children.

Refugee Code Week took place globally from October 15 - 22! Trainers across Iraq and Turkey went to local refugee camps, homes and youth centers to introduce coding to over 200 children aged 8 and above. By the end, children were coding their own games!

Speaker Sessions

Dr Hemin Latif, American University of Iraq Sulaimani
Introduction to Creative Coding


For the first of our bi-weekly speaker sessions, Dr Heman Latif, Assistant Professor of Information Technology at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) gave a talk on Creative Coding. Our fellows were excited to learn about creative concepts and the visual aspects of coding: “"Dr. Hemin's speech reminded me of how creativity has a huge impact on what I want to achieve. Definitely a wake up call to innovation" - Allan Saleh, one of our Re:Coded Fellows. Dr Latif is a huge supporter of growing the tech ecosystem throughout Kurdistan and Iraq and we’re excited to continue working with him.

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