The celebrations continue!

Last week marked another momentous occasion for us, the graduation of our Urfa cohort.

After six months of hardwork and dedication, a group of 30 students, a mix of Syrian refugees and Turkish youth, graduated the Re:Coded Android Bootcamp, with the ability to call themselves developers. And this, just like our Erbil graduation, wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support from people like you.

To our supporters,

To our supporters,

Last week marked the graduation of our Erbil cohort.
So, we wanted to thank you for supporting us. 

Over the last 5 months, these incredible youth have not only become great developers, they've become great leaders and friends. We have no doubt that these fellows will be the next tech leaders of Iraq - helping to build the tech ecosystem and digitizing the country.

Meet Abdullah, one of our Re:Coded Fellows!

My name is Abdullah. I was born and raised in Al-Hasakah in Syria. After finishing high school I moved to Deir ez-Zor to study Mathematics before moving to Damascus where I studied to become a teacher at the University of Damascus. I am now learning to code as a Re:Coded fellow and also volunteer for NGOs where I support children with special needs and those who have lost their parents in the war.