We select incredible people, train them to write brilliant code and master the skills to become great software developers. 

HERE ARE JUST A FEW REASONS WHY A re:coded fellow is perfect for your TEAM! 


They're Real World Ready.

Re:Coded students learn to code using the same development tools and workflows software engineers utilize on the job. They also have experience working with international clients so they're ready to contribute from day one.


They're Collaborative. 

Our fellows fundamentally believe in the power of teamwork. They learn to collaborate through pair-programming and work on long term team projects throughout the bootcamp. They’re ready to join organizations as true team members.


They're Curious Learners. 

We teach our fellows how to learn for themselves. They understand that technology changes fast so we instill a life-long learning mindset that enables them to pick up new programming languages and tools on the job. 




Wisam graduated from Re:Coded’s bootcamp in February 2018. As part of Re:Coded's bootcamp, Wisam worked on a client project with Taqadam, a social enterprise based in Lebanon that connects AI & machine learning companies that spend 80% of their work on image validation with refugees in Lebanon looking for part-time work. The client was so impressed with Wisam’s skills, he is now working as Taqadam’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder. Taqadam is now part of the Dubai Future Accelerator.  



Mohammad graduated from Re:Coded's bootcamp in February 2018 and is now working as an Android Developer for Indigo, an advertising agency in Sulimaniyah in Northern Iraq. Mohammad said, “one of the biggest lessons I learnt from the bootcamp is that continuous learning is absolutely essential for developers.” He is excited to be putting his coding skills to use and plans to build and share more Android apps on Google Play Store for his community.



Samiha is originally from Damascus and moved to Iraq in 2013. Samiha graduated from Re:Coded's bootcamp in February 2018. After graduating, Samiha wanted to share her passion for code with others and got a job as a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science Department at Ishik University. She is also using her new coding skills to work as a freelance Android Developer for Algo in the US. Her employment enabled her and her family to move to Erbil, as Samiha originally had to travel one and a half hours each day to and from the bootcamp.